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“We have to learn from this match”
“We have to learn from this match”


Marcelino believes his team’s unusual errors are what led to defeat against Sevilla

Villarreal manager, Marcelino García Toral, highlighted that it was his team’s unusual errors that cost them the match in the Sánchez Pizjuán stadium today. “We’re annoyed to have lost and especially in the manner that we did. Today we made mistakes that we haven’t made all season and we let them win in the way we knew they could but we couldn’t stop them. Defensively we’re usually solid and today we weren’t. If you go to Sevilla and score two goals you don’t usually lose, but that’s football and we have to learn from it. When a team has several strengths, but you lose one as vital as security at the back you can’t win 3-4 or 2-3”. 

The manager said these defensive errors can’t happen again. “We played a lot of the same players as we have a few injuries and this made it harder for us physically. I really didn’t like the match, especially when we didn’t have the ball. If we defend like that in Leverkusen it will be worrying, but I’m convinced that we can do a much better job”.

Marcelino believes his team had their chances but couldn’t finish the job due to their insecurity at the back. “I feel we had the game in our hands, but our defence let that slip for us. By not dominating the opposition they were able to counter and surprise us at any moment. In the first half there were parts that I didn’t like at all. We know that if we play away from home and let in four goals we’re not going to win. That’s the lesson. To win you can’t let in four goals and even less so in the way we conceded them”.