Villarreal will join forces with ‘Ballboys’
Villarreal will join forces with ‘Ballboys’


The club will wear the shirts of the testicular cancer awareness campaign during its matches in the UK

Villarreal CF will collaborate with UK’s ‘Ballboys’ Foundation, who tries to improve the education about testicular cancer prevention throughout sport. The organization provides easy access to all the information to help identify immediately any possible sympton of the disease and try to reduce its impact. For this reason, ‘Ballboys’ is actually developing a strong international campaign in schools, universities and football clubs in order to raise awareness among men 12 to 45 years old, for this is the most common cancer in this age group. The Foundation’s godfather is Chelsea FC defender Branislav Ivanovic.

The Submarine’s players will wear ‘Ballboys’ shirts during the UK’s match warm-ups this week, Saturday August 2nd in Middlesbrough and Saturday August 9th in Swansea, in order to support and contribute to raise the organization’s awareness.

This action joins others like the Project ‘United For Hope’ that the club is developing along the Celtic Submarí Supporters, ASPANION and the Hospital La Fe from Valencia. It’s aim is to carry on an important research that helps improve the life quality of kids who have overcome cancer and avoid the possible sterility that these strong treatments can cause. The most important event of this initiative will be a charity match against Celtic FC on September 3rd at El Madrigal stadium. All the gate receipts this day will be donated to the cause.