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United from a distance
United from a distance

The U14s and the youngsters from Creixem have shared messages of encouragement during these moments of confinement

Endavant Igualtant continues to link together personal stories. Villarreal’s U14 (Infantil A) side and the youngsters who use the Creixem child development centre in Vinaròs have found a way to stay connected despite being the confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have also sent messages to each other in a very special video that you can watch by clicking play.

Villarreal CF has a long relationship with Creixem. In September 2019, the centre unveiled an extension to its centre in Vinaròs, which involved collaboration from the club, local business Gil Comes and LaLiga.

Creixem is a child development centre for youngsters with development disorders, or those who are at risk of them, which, since the expansion of the centre, works with 200 boys and girls from the north of the Castellón province.

The centre in Vinaròs forms part of the Endavant Igualtat initiative, where 11-a-side teams from the Yellows Academy work alongside a charity or centre to carry out activities that are enriching for both parties.

Finally, it is worth remembering that Creixem were behind the founding of the official Llangostí Groc Vinaròs fan club, the only official Villarreal CF fan club in the north of Castellón.