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Torrijos unites with Endavant Esports in the COE
Torrijos unites with Endavant Esports in the COE

The Castellón jumper becomes an official member of the initiative

In through the front door. Today the Castellón jumper, Pablo Torrijos, has been inducted as a new member in the Endavant Esports initiative in a moving ceremony that took place in the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee (Comité Olímpico Español – COE) in Madrid. The event was attended by Villarreal CF vice president, José Manuel Llaneza, as well as the president of the COE, Alejandro Blanco.    

The Playas de Castellón jumper thanked the Submarine for their support and showed he is feeling confident about putting in good performances in the Indoor Spanish Championships and Indoor World Championships he is set to compete in this month. José Manuel Llaneza expressed that it is an “obligation” to give back to the community a part of  “what football generates” and he finished by talking about the values Endavant Sports promotes- effort, ambition, humility and a drive to improve.

The host and president of the COE, Alejandro Blanco, thanked Villarreal for this type of sponsorship that helps to keep Spanish sport among the most prominent on the international scene, but he particularly emphasized the great social work of the football club “whose example should be followed by other clubs in our country”.

It should also be highlighted that Torrijos was already part of Endavant Esports thanks to the sponsorship of Club Atletismo Playas de Castellón and also becuase he received grants from Villarreal when he was at the Universitat Jaume I (UJI). Now the Castellón athlete will also be backed personally by Villarreal CF, in the same way as Pablo Herrera, Sebastián Mora, Sara Sorribes and Roberto Bautista. Pablo Torrijos was also chosen as Best Sportsperson of the UJI in 2014 by Villarreal CF within Endavant Esports.  

Pablo Torrijos, who holds the Spanish Indoor Triple Jump Record, has an extraordinary record of achievements:

Spanish History

  • Spanish Triple Jump Record (outdoor and indoor track) (17.04 in 2015)
  • U22 Best Score in Outdoor Triple Jump (16.87 in 2014)
  • Spanish Outdoor Triple Jump Champion (2013, 2014 and 2015)
  • Spanish Indoor Triple Jump Champion (2014 and 2015)
  • Most Promising Spanish Outdoor Triple Jump Athlete (2013)
  • Most Promising Spanish Indoor Triple Jump Athlete (2013)
  • U21 Spanish Indoor Triple Jump Champion (2011)
  • U19 Spanish Indoor Triple Jump Champion (2008)
  • Spanish University Long Jump Champion (2014)

Spanish Records

  • Triple Jump: 17.03 and 17.04 (2015)

International History

  • CM 2015 – Beijing Triple Jump (10QA/16.32)
  • CE 2014 – Zurich Triple Jump (8º1/16.56)
  • CEsel 2014 – Brunswick ETC – Triple Jump (6º/16.16)
  • CEpc 2015 – Prague Triple Jump (2º/17.04)
  • CE23 2013 – Tampere Triple Jump (8º/16.06)
  • CE-j 2011 – Tallinn Triple Jump(6º/15.71).
  • CM-jv 2009 – Brixen Triple Jump (18QB/6.79)
  • Gimn 2010 – Doha Triple Jump (8º/14.88)
  • FOJE 2009 – Tampere Long Jump (7Q1/6.77)


  • 2008 – Chiuro U19 ITA-ESP-POL: Triple Jump(5th/14.14)
  • 2010 – Radès U21 Mediterranean meet: Triple Jump (5th/14.78)