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“This season has been incredible for me”
“This season has been incredible for me”


Víctor Ruiz weighs up the season in which he has been the Yellow to play the most minutes 

The Villarreal CF defender, Víctor Ruiz, has had a season to remember. The defender is the footballer who has played the most minutes in the team with a total of 4,336 minutes (2,994 in LaLiga, 1,241 in the UEFA Europa League and 101 in the Copa del Rey). Víctor Ruiz weighed up what has been a special season for him: “This has been the year that I’ve played the most games and injuries have been on my side. There have been stages in the season where I’ve been more fatigued than others, but in general I’ve felt very good”.

The Villarreal number 6 also commented on his team’s great performance: “We’ve played many matches, but I prefer it like that than to just playing Sunday to Sunday without anything midweek. This season has been incredible for me. I hope next year will be even better”.  

Víctor Ruiz analysed the last match of the season against Sporting de Gijón (Sunday, 7:30pm CET): “We will approach the game on Sunday in the same way that we have done all year and that is to go and get the win. We know about Sporting’s situation, but we’re going to go out and compete and do our best to win”.

The Yellows defender highlighted the difficulty of the match at the El Molinón stadium: “The atmosphere in the stadium will be amazing and their players will be 100% motivated, but we won’t think about all that and are just going to play our game”.