The Yellow Cup Liga BBVA 2016 has its champions
The Yellow Cup Liga BBVA 2016 has its champions


The competition brought together more than 120 teams and over 15,000 visitors

The 2016 edition of the Yellow Cup Liga BBVA lowered the curtain yesterday after the finals were disputed in each of the tournament’s six categories. The Yellow hosts won the U8 category and made it to the finals of the U10 and U19 categories.  

In a week home to a great atmosphere throughout, the Villarreal CF Training Ground (la Ciudad Deportiva de Miralcamp), The Pamesa Training Ground (la Ciudad Deportiva Pamesa) and the local ‘Les Alqueries’ facility put on a competition for more than 120 teams and with an influx of over 15,000 visitors.

The competition, organized by Endeka Sports, brought teams together from all over Spain, as well as other countries, and they enjoyed an unbeatable footballing environment and had fun taking part in the tournament’s complementary activities.

Furthermore, the Saturday was a very special day as more than 5,000 people gathered to see the medal ceremony, a very crowded event, in which everyone was delighted to see Marcos Senna dressed in football attire once again.  

The results of the Finals are as follows:

  • U8: Villarreal CF 5-4 Levante UD
  • U10: Villarreal CF 0-5 CD Cide
  • U12: Levante UD 4-0 FC Derby County
  • U14: UFB Jabac i Terrassa 2-2 CE Sant Gabriel (UFB Jabac i Terrassa win 5-4 on penalties)
  • U16: UFB Jabac i Terrassa 1-2 Levante UD
  • U19: Villarreal CF 0-1 FC Marcet
  • Girls: Levante UD 0-2 FC Barcelona

The following image displays the Honours table:

VYC2016 scaled