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The colour: how yellow came into our lives
The colour: how yellow came into our lives

Villarreal CF publishes the eighth instalment of ‘Centenary Memories’

Villarreal CF has published the eighth instalment of the ‘Centenary Memories’ series, which tells the story of the change of colours in the club’s kit, which went from a white shirt and black shorts to yellow during the CAF Villarreal era.

Villarreal’s attachment to the colour yellow began with a curious anecdote. A young man from Villarreal, Manuel Vilanova, ex-player of Foghetecaz and director of CAF Villarreal, was studying to become a business manager in Valencia and during one of his periods there he was asked to buy shirts for the team. In the midst of the post-war period, they had no white shirts and the protagonist of this story bought the yellow ones, which were widely accepted by CAF Villarreal.

In this special report, the voices of Manuel Vilanova, son of Manuel Vilanova, player and director of the club, and Fernando Peris, son of the mayor Vicente Peris, ex-player of CD Villarreal, take part.