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Talent is in the blood
Talent is in the blood

The Yellows’ youth setup includes seven children of current and former Villarreal players

Villarreal’s academy doesn’t only shape youngsters at a footballing level but also on a personal level. Therefore, it is common for more and more former Submarine players to invest in the Yellows’ youth setup for their children to thrive.

Currently in the Yellows Academy there are seven children of current and former professional Yellows’ players, all of which have been very important in the past and present of Villarreal CF. One of the most standout players, without a doubt, is Lucas Senna, the son of Marcos Senna. An all-rounder who plays in a U10s team (Benjamín C) as a midfielder, the same position as the Yellow legend. He was born in 2010 and has an excellent future ahead.

Another of the most notorious cases is Carlos Daniel Bacca, aka ‘Charly’, the son of the Colombian Villarreal CF first team striker. His style of play is very similar, even physically. ‘Charly’ was born in 2010 and is a player for a Villarreal U10s team (Benjamín A), usually playing as a striker although he can also play in midfield on the wing.

Alessio Barbosa (2008) is also much like his father, currently a goalkeeper for the Yellow first team. Alessio has the same passion as Mariano for being between the posts. He is a goalkeeper with great reactions who stands out amongst his U10 team (Alevín C).

One of the oldest players is Carlo Adriano (midfielder), who is currently playing for Villarreal C in Tercera División. He is the son of the legendary Villarreal striker Adriano García and is standing out during the start of this season. In the last game played in the Mini Estadi against Benigànim he scored two goals, despite not being a striker like his father.

Guillem Álvarez (2011) is the son of Villarreal’s assistant manager and former Submarine centre half Quique Álvarez. Guillem currently plays for a U10 team (Benjamín D) and stands out for his versatility. He can play as a central or a defensive midfielder.

Mario Ibeas (2004) is a striker and plays for the U16s. His father, Javier Ibeas, defended the interests of Villarreal CF in the Segunda División as a wing-back for the Yellows. They have little resemblance in their game, but a lot in terms of self-respect on the field.

Last but not least is Ivan Tasevski (2005). The descendent of the current assistant manager for Villarreal B, Igor Tasevski, has inherited from his father the qualities to be an excellent central defender. He currently plays for the U15s and dreams of following in his fathers’ steps.

Without a doubt, they all carry talent in their blood.