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Letter of farewell from the Llaneza Carceller family
Letter of farewell from the Llaneza Carceller family

The children of José Manuel and Encarna have wanted to publicly spread this emotional message

Today we say goodbye to a good father, loving, proud of his children and who has done the unspeakable to give us all the material and immaterial things he could. We also bid farewell to a grandfather who was proud of his grandchildren’s achievements and someone who spoiled them, as should be the case. A good brother, a great brother-in-law, an incredible father-in-law, a cousin who has been more than a cousin, an uncle who has been the link and union of this family. The pillar of the Llaneza-Carceller family and leader of our get-togethers.

For many people, today an extraordinary friend and colleague is gone, because, if there is one thing José Manuel has known how to do in his 74 years of life, it is to cultivate friendship and help as much as he could and more to the people who have surrounded him and who have had the immense good fortune to share moments with him.

Today, football loses a charismatic director, a tireless worker, someone who was close to people. Someone who knew how to manage people with his incomparable character and who enthusiastically enjoyed the achievements of his beloved Villarreal.

Today the city of Vila-real loses one of its ambassadors, who has carried its name all over the world and whose mouth was full of praise for his team and the town that welcomed him for almost 30 years.

His family are immensely happy and grateful for the thousands of recognitions he received during his lifetime, such as the support of the team’s fans when he was diagnosed with leukaemia or the gold medal of the city of Vila-real received last May. Also the great posthumous recognition that yesterday the president Fernando Roig announced to us and that is that the training ground will have the name of José Manuel Llaneza.

Today the world is a little bit worse, because we are taking away a kind, generous, friendly, brave, honest, loyal, noble, fighter, full of life and vitality. A special and incomparable character.

Your children are going to dedicate our lives to honouring you and mum, trying every day to be better people and making the values you have instilled in us in life our flag, so that you feel proud of us. We will remember you every day and, although it hurts a lot now, we will try to do it with a big smile because we feel satisfied and happy with the years we have lived with you. You have been an example of how to live life: enjoying the happy moments you have had and facing adversity with courage and strength.

Dad, you will have met the love of your life again. After 50 years of living together you didn’t know how to live without her, and as a joke, we all say here that you must have been told off for having gone to look for her so soon. Although deep down we know that she didn’t know how to live without you either.

We love you dad, you have marked so many people that you will be eternal, because you will never be forgotten.