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“Helping the others is a pride for the Villarreal CF”
“Helping the others is a pride for the Villarreal CF”

Clubs and authorities praise Villarreal’s initiative of helping and supporting local sports

The presentation ceremony of renewal of sponsorship agreements with provincial clubs had representatives from all entities that receive grants and aid from the Villarreal CF, whose president, Fernando Roig, was very pleased with the initiative. The president of the Submarine highlighted the desire and affection with which the club has renewed this aid program, which aims to keep supporting provincial athletes. “Our purpose is that the province becomes more and more important, has better athletes and in the difficult context we are living, these are the first aspects affected by cost cutting measures.Therefore, a private entity such as Villarreal will dedicate a substantial part of its budget to help and for us this is nothing but an honor. Helping others is an honor for Villarreal.  Unfortunately, last year we fell in second division and we could not provide everything we desired. This is why this season we have attempted to provide everything we had in our hands in order to support everyone.

On the other hand, the Deputy Culture Council of Castellón, Hector Folgado, wanted to thank the club not only for its generosity with such initiatives, but also for its determination to be a reference and a model. “It’s a club that is really involved in such initiatives. Thanks to this kind of actions, Villarreal aspires to be the most important institution in the province. Villarreal is a great example: not only it denied to receive public financing so that money could go to other clubs who needed it more, but it is also willing to allocate money from its own budget to other sports. I believe that such gestures generate a lot of sensitivity and they help to bring together all the people of Castellón, which is exactly what is happening.

Concerning the clubs, the president of Amics del Bàsquet, Luis García Sainz explained that the club feels fortunate and excited about this project. “This type of support entertains our hope in these difficult times, so we want to show our gratitude to a private club like Villarreal, which is worrying to help other sports under such a difficult context. We believe that the region of Castellón is very lucky and that fortune we owe it to Villarreal and its president”

Marta Gallén, former athlete, Deputy Mayor of Grau de Castelló, recalled the aid that Villarreal has been giving in the region for years. “I had the opportunity to thank and support these ideas few years ago as a councilor sports. The province has always been known for its brave and caring people. I am convinced every athlete can make its dreams come true this season thanks to the support you are offering. “

The Councillor for Sports of Vila-real, Silvia Gómez, congratulated the club for this initiative that will greatly benefit the sport of Castellón. “Above all we want to congratulate the club for such an important and valuable action for the entire sport of Vila-real and the region of Castellón The fact that a private entity is willing to help and promote other sports is extremely worthwhile. “