Defending the league leadership at the Mini
Defending the league leadership at the Mini

Miguel Álvarez underlined the good sensations Villarreal B squad have ahead of playing UE Costa Brava at home

Villarreal B head coach Miguel Álvarez appeared in front of the media to analyse the upcoming game between Mini Submarine and UE Costa Brava (Sunday, 12pm CEST) at the Mini Estadi. These are the standout comments from the Mini Submarine boss:


“When you win, you go into the next game well. We’re going phenomenally into the next game. You’re always in a better place mentally after win, and we’re playing at home again and we’re very happy.”

Current feelings

“It’s not what I see, it’s what you expect to see. We have a lot of things to improve, but we’re happy with the results and because we’re feeling very good. We haven’t got any more absences beyond the ones that were previously there.”


“UE Costa Brave are going to surprise a lot of people this year. Those of us who know the division know the good squad they’ve done. They’ve also got a good coach who has already overseen a side’s promotion to Segunda. There aren’t any coincidences, and they’ve known how to sign well. They’ve changed to a big stadium, with natural turf in Palamós, and they’ve signed players full of quality. The team has only conceded once and they’re a very difficult side to face.”


“One of the things that we try and drill into the boys, and the image the opposition have of us, is that we’re strong at home. If our opponents can see that every time you appear in the final third, you create danger, it can worry then. The players know how to read the game. It’s something basic, and we’re happy because the boys are comfortable.”

Learning process

“In the starting XI, there are various players from last year, and that helps us because the learning process is shorter. In previous years, we did not start as well because we had a lot of new and young players. When you win, it’s easier for them to believe in what you’re doing, and they’re happy training. We like to also progress from losses, but positive results strengthen what we’re doing.”