An Enriching Day
An Enriching Day


The chefs at the Ciudad Deportiva receive advice from Herbolario Navarro

A most enriching day. Lluís Penyafort, gastronomic consultant at ‘Herbolario Navarro’ (herbalist’s shop), and Víctor Bustamante, expert in sports nutrition, shared their knowledge about natural foods with the chefs at the Villarreal CF Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva), where the First Team and youth teams eat on a daily basis.

Villarreal CF stands out for its players’ health, considering organic foods to be key and particularly essential for sports performance and the wellbeing of all players. Therefore, everyday Villarreal CF players eat organic foods that have been supplied by Herbolario Navarro, putting their trust in this bicentennial company.

In Héctor Usó’s own words, “organic foods are the best for players to increase their level of performance and their physical wellbeing”. To provide organic foods, Villarreal have chosen Herbolario Navarro for two consecutive seasons now, given that “it’s the leading brand that guarantees what you are eating is what you are eating”, Héctor affirmed.

Lluís Penyafort and Víctor Bustamante made suggestions for alternative dishes that are not usually prepared by the chefs at the Villarreal CF Training Ground, as well as showing them some tricks and giving them advice to make the diet at Villarreal CF even more natural and healthy.