Alexandru Ristea, cheering on the Yellows from Romania
Alexandru Ristea, cheering on the Yellows from Romania

The fan of the Yellow Submarine had the chance to watch his favourite club in the 2016/17 season

Alexandru Ristea is a Yellow who lives in the Romanian capital, Budapest. The student, aged 18, discovered his love for Villarreal CF in 2013, the year when the Submarine returned to the top flight of Spanish football, and also qualified for the Europa League. “I started to watch Spanish football in 2012, and I followed Villarreal from the 2013/14 season,” he explains.

“Villarreal is an important part of my daily life,” Ristea says. Speaking about his love for the team, he says: “I’ve always liked the Yellows because of their playing style, the passion the players show and the excitement the fans have.” He was able to watch his heroes live during the 2016/17 season, when Villarreal visited Romanian to face Steaua Bucurest (1-1) in the UEFA Europa League group stage. “There were a lot of fans in the stadium that day, and I think I was the only Villarreal one there,” he adds.

His passion for the Yellows means that the teenager is glued to the screen everytime the Submarine play: “I normally watch the LaLiga games on TV, and I watch the European games on my laptop. I don’t miss any of them,” he says.

Regarding his best memories as a Villarreal fan, Ristea says: “When I was able to watch the team live against Steaua and of course, the Europa League final. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I shouted so much when Rulli saved the penalty and I couldn’t sleep that night because of all the emotions I was feeling.” He added that for recently for his 18th birthday, his parents got him a shirt signed by 13 first-team players, and he also had a birthday message from Alberto Moreno.

Alberto Moreno is his favourite player in the team at the moment: “I think he’s great at the moment, both in defence and attack. He also has a really good vibe.”

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