Miralcamp, the perfect place to become a footballer
Miralcamp, the perfect place to become a footballer

Villarreal CF has created the ideal climate for the comprehensive nurturing of the club’s young talents

Villarreal CF has the production of young talent at the heart of its project. Every year, the Estadio de la Cerámica witnesses the debut of several players forged at the José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground.

Miralcamp, a factory of young talents

At Villarreal CF, the commitment to youth football is non-negotiable. A faithful example of this is that the first team has nine players who have been formed in the Yellows Academy, making it one of the most outstanding clubs in LaLiga in this area. As if that wasn’t enough, Villarreal is the only club in the top flight to have a B team playing in the second division of Spanish football.

All these successes are not the result of chance. Villarreal CF works with care and dedication in the training of its young talents. The club has created the perfect climate for the integral development of its youth players.

Around a hundred teenagers live together in the Miralcamp Residence, a building fully adapted to the needs of the youngsters, with shared rooms, cafeteria, study, meeting, video, computer and leisure rooms.

The routine of these kids starts very early in the morning. At 7am, they start their day, having breakfast and going to the IES Miralcamp school, located a few metres from the José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground. The older ones even study baccalaureate by distance learning, always with the supervision and help of Villarreal CF teachers.

After class time, it’s time for lunch. The academy players eat in the cafeteria, together with the first team players, in an environment close to their Submarine idols.

Once lunch is over, some of them go to the study areas and others put on their boots to start training, depending on the timetable of each category. After an intense day of football and homework, it’s time for dinner, followed by some fun and leisure time before midnight, the time for rest at the José Manuel Llaneza Training Ground.