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“We’re going to achieve unimaginable goals”
“We’re going to achieve unimaginable goals”

Pacheta has expressed his pride and excitement for this “great opportunity” and has assured that he has come “to win”

Villarreal CF have presented José Rojo Martín ‘Pacheta’ as the new first-team head coach on Monday. Accompanied by the club’s president, Fernando Roig, the manager from Burgos gave his first words as coach of the Submarine to the media.

“I have no experience of coaching a team playing in Europe. That’s true, but don’t worry, I’ll pick it up quickly. I also didn’t have experience of play-offs until I got it. Experience is part of the way, it comes. I’m coming to a very important team, with a lot of stability and which is a family”, declared Pacheta with a lot of energy in his first words after being unveiled officially.

Afterwards, Pacheta thanked the club for their confidence in him and did not hide his excitement at taking the reins at Villarreal: “I am very proud that this club is backing me and giving me this fantastic opportunity. We have experience in the world of football. I have a model of play and experience of group managerfin groups that are similar to what Villarreal. It is the best team we have coached, without a doubt. But I am convinced that we are going to handle this. I assure you that, if I didn’t see myself as capable, I wouldn’t be here.”

When asked about his objectives, the new Yellows head coach was categorical: “If they believe in us, we’re going to win. I came here to win. I was brought here for this. It’s my sixth experience of starting a team in the middle of the season. I’ve done it before and with good results. We are going to do it again. With better players and a bigger team. That’s all.”

As for the recipe for success, Pacheta has promised hard work. A lot of work: “Work, work and work well. Work includes everything: decisions, breakfast… Not just training. We have to work on all aspects. The group is the most important thing. Nobody is above the group. I will make demands on the captains and they will make demands on the youngsters. And between all of us, we’re going to pull it off. This work is going to give results. Our most immediate objective is to beat Almería, the first game”.

On the other hand, the designs, systems and formations are negotiable for Pacheta, a head coach who, as he has recognised, adapts to the team he coaches: “We have played in all sorts of ways, with different designs. I have to adapt to my team, to the qualities of my players. I know where I’m coming from and I know them. We will hide a lot of the flaws and bring out the strengths. I want the players to believe in me. If I succeed, we will achieve unimaginable goals.”

Finally, Pacheta also introduced the members of his coaching staff (Chema Monzón, Jorge Trigueros and Guillem Galmes): “It’s not just Pacheta. I come with them, who are the good ones. The ones who tell me what we have to do and what I don’t want to listen to. In addition, the club has given us a number of people who we have to get the most out of. It’s all very well put together. I’m getting to know the structure of the club and it’s all fantastic. The light is wonderful, it makes the atmosphere pleasant and makes everything very positive.”