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Lidón Muñoz and her routine away from the swimming pool
Lidón Muñoz and her routine away from the swimming pool

The swimmer, who is part of the Endavant Esports initiative, has adapted her training sessions to stay in shape during lockdown

Lidón Muñoz, the swimmer from Castellón, like all other athletes who form part of the Endavant Esport initiative, has had to adapt to the emergency situation in Spain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, having to change her training sessions.

The young sportswoman, who has now gone nearly five weeks without putting on her swimsuit to go into the water, continues training at home to stay in shape: “I’m training twice daily from Monday to Friday, and once on Saturday mornings. I’m trying to keep a routine, with my training going alongside my studies in Medicine. In the little bit of free time I have, I do things I like that I usually don’t have as much time to do,” she explained.

The training sessions, despite being away from her usual habitat, are varied and demanding: “My colleagues at the Sant Andreu Swimming Club and I carry on with a dry training, limited to what we can do from home with the materials that we have around us. We do weights, cardio on exercise bikes, resistance circuits, we work on swimming technique with exercise bands and fitball, and we also do visualisation work too.”

Studying Medicine, Muñoz underlines her pride and recognition for the work that the medical staff are putting in to battle COVID-19: “Every day at 8pm, I go out to applaud the doctors and nurses, who are doing a great job, saving a lot of lives.”