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Villarreal CF is one of the clubs that best promotes and contributes to women's football; giving girls and women who want to play football the chance to do so. The club offers its excellent infrastructure, facilities, formation, education and all the fundamental services to make this possible. Villarreal CF has been working with the Ladies teams since 2000, for more than fifteen years now. At that time, the club started its journey with the Ladies team by creating a singular, senior team, which consisted of players ranging from 12 to 30 years of age. Nowadays, the infrastructure has changed considerably since then and our Villarreal Ladies have now become one of the best women's football academies in the Valencian Community.

Structure and Categories

  • Currently, we have 5 Ladies teams made up of girls and women between 9 and 30 years of age.
  • Our youngest players start by playing 8-a-side football. This team is made up of girls from 10-12 years of age.
  • When these girls go to Secondary School they move up to play for the U14 Ladies team, who participate in an 11-a-side football league.
  • Players who choose to continue then move up to the U16 Ladies team, made up of girls from 14-15 years of age. There they find themselves just one step away from the Senior league.
  • Then players go on to play for the U19s Ladies team, who compete in the highest regional division of the Valencian Community called the 'Liga Autonómica'.
  • The final step –and without a doubt the most exciting for all of our players- is up to our First Team. Our Ladies First Team compete in the 'Segunda División Nacional' – the second highest division in Spain. Some of the First Team's players are considered to be elite athletes by the Superior Sports Council (Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD)) and they also compete in the National Community Teams Championships (Campeonato Nacional de Selecciones Territoriales) with the Valencian Community team and some even compete in international championships with the Spanish national team.

Formation and Methodology

Our aim is to offer a well-rounded education over a medium-long term period to all our athletes, where social values such as discipline, effort, respect and teamwork are nonnegotiable. To achieve this, the work of the coaches is fundamental as they are the first ones to transmit these values that the players will acquire throughout their development. Our managers and coaches must be "educator-developers" who know how to set a good example and through whom we will emphasise the learning of our young players.

Due to federal regulations a female player can compete with boys until 12-13 years of age, but from then on then it is mandatory for her to join a Ladies team to be able to continue with her football career. Villarreal CF wants to be this chosen club for young girls and a role model for all those who want to play football and improve themselves as footballers.

Our Doors are Always Open

All throughout the season our doors are open to those girls and women who want to get to know us and understand how we work at our academy. Seeing the relationship between our coaches and players first hand will help you to get to know us better. In the case that you would like to be a part of our academy, and if there is availability, you are always welcome to come for a trial.

  • Who can come for a trial? – Girls and women aged 9 (in Year 5) and above.
  • What does the trial consist of? – You will come to train with one of our teams, taking into account your level and age, for between 2 and 6 training sessions approximately.
  • When can I come for a trial? – Any time during the season (from August to June) according to demand and availability.
  • When I finish the trial will I be a Villarreal player? – No, not necessarily. When you finish the trial if we need you to cover a position in any of our teams, we will tell you personally.

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