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What does Manu Morlanes do to keep himself busy?
What does Manu Morlanes do to keep himself busy?

The midfielder explains how isolation at home is going for him, with daily training sessions and time for his hobbies

Villarreal midfielder Manu Morlanes has found out this week how to train and spend time in confinement at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The talented footballer underlines that staying in shape despite not being able to leave the house is important: “The club has made as easy as possible for us to continue training at home. They’ve helped us get material we didn’t have. There are days when I try and do the exercises in the morning, and others in the afternoon. The fitness coach, José Romero, gives us routines that we have to do. It’s important to stay in shape because we don’t know how long this is going to last.”

Morlanes is trying to make his days as pleasant as possible. “I’m trying to make the days go as quickly as possible. We’re not used to living alone without being able to go out to the street. I’m trying to do things I don’t normally do, such as play on the PlayStation or what series on my laptop. They’re tough times, but you have to face the situation as well as possible.”

There’s also time for studying. “I’m studying Economics at university via distance learning. Now I have more time for it and I also study on my computer,” he added.

Morlanes recently represented the club in the #LaLigaSantanderChallenge FIFA 20 tournament, a tournament looking to raise funds to help with the current situation. It was a great experience with him: “Speaking to Pau and some of my team-mates, they suggested that I play. The truth is I don’t play a lot during the year, but I don’t think I’m bad. When they suggested it, I didn’t hesitate to sign off. The first match was good and the second was worse, but what’s important is that we had fun and the money we raised to fight coronavirus.”

Watching series is another one of Morlanes’ favourite hobbies. “Last week, I finished ‘Unauthorized Living’, which I really enjoyed. Some of my favourites are Prison Break, Money Heist and El Príncipe, which I really got hooked to as it was one of the ones I saw first. If I watch a serie that I don’t get into, I’ll leave it and start another,” he said.

To conclude, the midfielder wanted to send a message to the support: “We’re all in a moment of uncertainty, not only in football, but also in the country’s economically. There are a lot of important things up in the aire. Now it’s time to be more responsible than ever and be together because tough times are coming. We’ve shown that we can come out of the other side. Soon we’ll be able to return to normality.”

To watch the interview carried out with Morlanes (in Spanish) by Villarreal TV, click play.