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“We’ve earned this chance”
“We’ve earned this chance”

Unai Emery is preparing for the game knowing ‘what it would mean to the club to be in the last 16’

Villarreal head coach Unai Emery appeared in front of the media to analyse the upcoming game against Atalanta BC, corresponding to Matchday 6 of the UEFA Champions League group stage. Here are the main points from his press conference:

An opportunity

“We’re going into the game knowing it’s a great opportunity earned from last season and we’ve earned the chance to go through depending on our results in the last game. We’re playing against a great opponent who have grown a lot and they’re a club that a lot of sides look up to as they’ve got into European competition and look good there. For us, it’s a tactical challenge with a lot of one-on-ones. We’re 100% focused, knowing what reaching the Round of 16 would mean on a professional level, for the club and for the fans.”

Weather in Bergamo

“Last year, we travelled to cities with temperatures like this and the side responded. I imagine the pitch will be good.”

No place for speculation

“The team is in good form in this competition. We need to play with personality, knowing where they feel uncomfortable. They will make us defend a lot, incorporating men close to our box. I don’t know how you play for a draw. We will try and win because by playing for a draw, you can lose.”


“He’s a player that has grown a lot at Villarreal. When he was 25, it wasn’t easy to see what he’d become today, using his qualities to the maximum. He needs to have a team that adapts to him and he’s found that here. We need to be capable of playing without him, but when he’s here, we find certain things, and he gives confidence to his team-mates and fans.”