“We have time and we still have opportunities”
“We have time and we still have opportunities”

Unai Emery was pleased with how the Yellows performed, despite the defeat at Old Trafford

Villarreal head coach Unai Emery appealed in front of the media to analyse the defeat late on to Manchester United at Old Trafford. This is what he had to say:

Analysis of the game

“There are two ways of looking at it, from the feelings, from thinking beyond the result and finding things that we can be proud of, from showing ideas through ow we play, from the work we put in to control the game… but on the other hand, we can’t only have those feelings because the final result destroys everything you built. We have time and chances to be able to recover. We need to be optimistic, but realistic too.”

Playing well

“We came into the game feeling good, and with credibility. When you play the Champions League, you have to give your everything, and that’s what we did. In football, you don’t always win because of the chances you created. Errors can also penalise you. You need to analyse why we lost, but we are trying to look positively. We think this is the path to follow.”

Match against Betis

“We will try and recover from the hard work we put in today, and see if anyone has picked up a not. Those who didn’t play today could play on Sunday, while overs recover. We need to play well in LaLiga to be able to enjoy being in the Champions League, because it’s where you reach your objectives.”

The group standings

“It’s a short competition, and we only have a point. Now we are in need. The other teams have an advantage over us. But if we carry on like this, we’ll pick up some wins.”