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Vinaròs to host II International Supporters’ Clubs’ Meeting
Vinaròs to host II International Supporters’ Clubs’ Meeting

The event is organised by the Llagostí de Vinaròs supporters’ club and will be attended by more than 200 members

The Official Villarreal CF Supporters’ Club (Agrupació de Penyes del Villarreal – APV) will celebrate this Saturday the II International Meeting of Villarreal CF Supporters Clubs in Vinaròs, taking advantage of the festivities that will take place in the city with the 3v3 ‘Copa Endavant’ . The event will be organised by the Peña Llagostí de Vinaròs supporters club. Villarreal CF will be represented by the club’s ambassador, Marcos Senna.

The day will begin with a big welcome lunch with more than 200 supporters who will attend the event.

Afterwards, the members of the APV will take a short tour of the town centre and at 2pm CEST the big lunch will begin, which will take place in the Carpa del Atlàntic de Vinaròs, together with the Copa Endavant competition of the ‘Centenari Groguet’ tour.

After the meal, there will be an exchange of gifts between the supporters clubs attending with an honourable mention to the APV, a gift of a detail of the event will be given to all those attending and official Villarreal CF products will be raffled.