Villarreal Women fall in Tenerife (3-1)
Villarreal Women fall in Tenerife (3-1)

Sara Monforte’s team stood up to one of the most in-form teams in the league.

Villarreal Women lost to UD Granadilla Tenerife (3-1) in a difficult match for the Yellows, who were up against the third-placed team. Sara Monforte’s team put up a fight and even had a penalty that was wasted in the closing stages. The home side took all three points thanks to goals from María José (2) and Martín-Prieto. For Villarreal Women, Lara Mata scored with a long-range effort.

Granadilla Tenerife scored two goals in just three minutes (23′ and 26′), but that did not dampen the morale of the yellows, who kept trying until the end. In the closing stages, Lara Mata scored with a long-range shot to give Villarreal Women hope. Martín-Prieto, two minutes later, sealed the game. In extra time, a handball inside the area was ruled a penalty by the referee. Belén shot high and missed from the spot.


UD Granadilla Tenerife: Noelia Ramos; Aleksandra, Cristina Cubedo, Patri Gavira, Pisco; Natalia Ramos, Paola Hernández (Silvia Doblado, 65′), Sandra Hernández (Sara López, 77′); Jassina Blom (Ange Koko, 77′), María José (Gisela Robledo, 65′) and Martín-Prieto (Sydny Nasello, 84′).

Villarreal Women: Elena de Toro; Irene Migúelez, Soldevila (Zaira Flores, 89′), Lara Mata, Pancha Lara; Cienfu (Aixa Salvador, 89′), Belén Martínez, Estefa Lima (Sara Medina, 75′), Nerea Pérez, Vera Rico (Bea Prades, 46′) and Tere Morató (Raquel Pinel, 70′).

Goals: 1-0. 23′: María José. 2-0. 26′: María José. 2-1. 80′: Lara Mata. 3-1. 82′: Martín-Prieto.

Referee: Alicia Espinosa Ríosin. Yellow cards for Gisela Robledo (UD Granadilla).

Match information: Matchday 22 of the Primera Iberdrola. La Palmera Stadium (San Isidro).