Villarreal Women lift the Vila de Gràcia Trophy (2-4)
Villarreal Women lift the Vila de Gràcia Trophy (2-4)

The Yellows beat CE Europa with a brace from Tere Morató and goals from Ainoa Campo and Cristina Cubedo

Villarreal Women continue with their pre-season preparations. On this occasion, the Yellows took on CE Europa in the Vila de Gràcia Trophy; a cup that they won thanks to the forcefulness and determination they showed. The goals came from Ainoa Campo, Tere Morató (2) and Cristina Cubedo.

Sara Monforte’s side were threatening on the offensive from the start. In fact, a long-range shot from Mar Imbergamo almost caused a surprise. CE Europa had not yet recovered from the scare when Ainoa Campo, cutting in from the left flank, scored with a shot from outside the area (0-1). In the 18th minute, Tere took advantage of a pass from Ainoa to score the second (0-2). And it was the Andorran striker herself who, in the 29th minute, beat the Catalan goalkeeper again in a one-on-one (0-3). However, the tranquillity was to be short-lived. CE Europa increased their defensive intensity and showed more attacking verve, closing the gap before the break thanks to two goals from Clara (2-3).

In the second half, the Catalan side continued to press, but an exceptional save by Elena de Toro prevented the equaliser in the 63rd minute. It was in the 70th minute when Cristina Cubedo, from a corner kick, headed the ball home to seal the game (2-4).


CE Europa: Alba, Chami, Mar, Queralt, Pili Porta, Mascaró, Albeta, Paula López, Sarita, Clara y Magda. También jugaron Aina, Manau, Júlia, Patri, Sílvia, Pixu, Bové, Ramos.

Villarreal Women: Elena de Toro; Cánoves (Soldevila, m. 46), Queralt, Giménez (C. Cubedo, m. 46), Raquel (Clara Capdevila, m. 65); F. Lara (Nerea, m. 46., Virginia (Claudia I., m. 46), Ainoa (Lucía Romero, m. 46), Mar (Marta Muñoz, m. 68); Tere, Kanteh (Vera Rico, m. 46).

Goals: 0-1. Min. 10: Ainoa. 0-2. Min. 18: Tere. 0-3. Min. 29: Tere. 1-3. Min. 32: Clara. 2-3. Min. 37: Clara. 2-4. Min. 70: C. Cubedo.

Referee: Irene López Brustenga.

Incidencias: Fifth pre-season match for Villarreal Women, against CE Europa, at the Nou Sardenya.