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Villarreal supports the Dements Marathon once again
Villarreal supports the Dements Marathon once again

The sixth edition of the popular provincial mountain event will take place this weekend

For the second consecutive season Villarreal CF supports the Dements Marathon within its Endavant Esports project, an initiative in which Villarreal provides support and assists in the growth of competitions, clubs and elite athletes within the province of Castellón.

This will be the sixth edition of the provincial event which passes through the Serra d’Espadà and started thanks to the initiative of a group of four people. That number has been increasing and at present has reached 500 volunteers. Three sporting events will take place this weekend (16th/17th November 2019) which include: Dements Marathon (42.5km), Dements d’Eslida Half Marathon (21.2km) and Dements d’Ain Half Marathon (23km).

All of these non-federated events will pass through incredible natural landscapes of our province, and will put to the limit the experience of more than 1000 runners from Australia, Russia and France as well as national and provincial territoryall of whom will participate in this year’s edition.

More information on the Dements Marathon can be found on their official website:

To listen to the words of Raúl Martínez, the director of the Dements Marathon, just click on the ‘play’ button located on the main photograph.