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Villarreal launch Club 1923
Villarreal launch Club 1923

The Yellows have inaugurated this innovative space to experience the match against FC Barcelona

Villarreal CF took advantage of the match against FC Barcelona to inaugurate Club 1923, the innovative space that crowns the Fondo Sur of the Estadio de la Cerámica after the refurbishment.

From this new location, around 150 fans enjoyed the exciting league match, invited by the Grupo PAMESA, who reserved the room for this special occasion.

An impressive space at the top of the Estadio de la Ceramica

Club 1923 is an impressive and modern space located at the top of the Fondo Sur at the Estadio de la Cerámica. This impressive room, which is 400m2 in size, boasts a spectacular view of the pitch and acts as a stunning vantage point overlooking the town of Vila-real.

As if that wasn’t enough, Club 1923 is fully equipped with innovative and comfortable furniture, high resolution screens and acoustic equipment, as well as bar and kitchen facilities. All in all, it offers many possibilities for enjoying Villarreal’s matches, as well as hosting corporate events or private celebrations.