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Villarreal Femenino draw against RCD Espanyol (1-1)
Villarreal Femenino draw against RCD Espanyol (1-1)

A second-half goal from Fatou Kanteh earned Sara Monforte’s side a draw against the Catalan side

Villarreal Women played their fourth pre-season friendly against RCD Espanyol. The team coached by Sara Monforte earned a draw against the Catalan side, after a very even match in which Fatou Kanteh scored the goal for the Yellows.

RCD Espanyol took the lead almost from the opening whistle. In fact, they scored in the second minute thanks to a tremendous header from Simona from a corner kick. The Yellows tried to fight back with their combination play, but were unable to create any danger in the opposition area due to the home side’s aggressive defence.

In the second half, Sara Monforte’s side were determined to change the scoreline. In fact, they raised their defensive lines and were able to be a little more effective in attack, until Fatou Kanteh led a counter-attack to level the game (1-1) in the 60th minute.


RCD Espanyol: Ainhoa, Simona, Judit Pablos, Live Chamorro, María Lara, Mar Torras, Carol Marín, Del Álamo, Júlia Guerra, Laia Jordan, Aina Durán. 

Villarreal Women: C. Carbonell; Giménez, Soldevila, Queralt (C. Cubedo, m. 70), Raquel; Nerea (Lucía Cánoves, m. 70), Virginia (Marta Muñoz, m. 76), Claudia I. (Ainoa, m. 46), F. Lara (Mar Imbergamo, m. 46); Tere (Lucía Romero, m. 65); Vera Rico (Kanteh, m. 46).

Goles: 1-0. Min. 2: Simona. 1-1- Min. 60: Kanteh.

Referee: Irene López Brustenga.

Incidencias: Match four of pre-season for Villarreal Women, against RCD Espanyol at the Dani Jarque Training Ground.