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Villarreal CF and UJI present the 2023/24 Càtedra Endavant
Villarreal CF and UJI present the 2023/24 Càtedra Endavant

The event, led by Eva Alcón and Marcos Senna, presented the university’s scholarships for elite athletes

Villarreal CF and the Jaume I University presented the 2023/24 Càtedra Endavant Villarreal CF de l’Esport and the scholarships awarded by the Yellows in an event that also included a reception for the elite athletes. The presentation, which was attended by the rector Eva Alcón and Villarreal CF ambassador Marcos Senna, was held in the auditorium of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The commitment to university sport, a project by Endavant Formació

The Càtedra Endavant Villarreal CF de l’Esport is the cornerstone programme of the yellow club’s collaboration with the Jaume I University. For the past ten years, the Yellows have been awarding grants to elite sportsmen and women at the university centre in Castellón, with the aim of promoting high-performance sport in the academic sphere.

In 2024, Villarreal CF has extended its agreement with the Jaume I University, reinforcing its grant programme with a significant increase of €10,000 for the scholarship fund for elite sportsmen and women. Since the 2012/13 campaign, a total of 468 scholarships have been awarded to UJI students and the club has progressively increased the financial endowment to €40,000.

The Cátedra’s activities for 2024 include budget allocations for mobility aid for elite athletes in the academic framework, as well as for the improvement of training conditions for elite athletes and the promotion of international university competition (EUSA), which the increase in the competitive level of our athletes was demanding.