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Villarreal B pass the Rico Pérez test
Villarreal B pass the Rico Pérez test


The Yellows picked up an important win in an exciting clash (2-3)

As crucial as it was exciting. The Villarreal B team passed the Rico Pérez test, taking down Hércules by 2 goals to 3 in a thrilling encounter that was hugely important for the Yellows. Paco López’s side beat the team from Alicante thanks to a Carlos Martínez brace and another by Lazo. The locals were on the back foot the whole game, but not once did they throw in the towel and so the Villarreal B team had to keep fighting until the final whistle. 

In the end the match finished in triumph for the Yellows, who put together two consecutive wins for the first time since last January. With this win the Reserves move into 9th place in the league and most importantly, put distance between themselves and the relegation zone.


Hércules CF: Chema (Buigues, 68’); Dalmau, Peña, Fernando, Pol Bueso, Checa, Chechu Flores, Miñano (Berrocal, 71’), David Mainz, José Gaspar and Salinas (Juanma, 56’).

Villarreal CF B: Ander Cantero; Felipe Alfonso, Peris, Edgar Ié, Pau, Larrea, Lazo (Leo Suárez, 83’), Ramiro, Cantalapiedra (Carlitos, 78’), Carlos Martínez (Juan Ibiza, 64’) and Mario González.

Goals: 0-1, min. 6: Carlos Martínez. 0-2, min. 52: Carlos Martínez. 1-2, min. 61: Juanma. 1-3, min. 71: Lazo. 2-3, min. 83: Chechu Flores, penalty.

Referee: José Antonio Sánchez Villalobos (Andalusia, Spain). Cautioned: Peña, Salinas and Fernando for Hércules; and Larrea and Pau for Villarreal. Sent off: Peris for Villarreal (min. 86).