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Villarreal B lose by the smalles of margins (1-0)
Villarreal B lose by the smalles of margins (1-0)

The Mini Submarine were unable to capitalise on their chances and lose to Nàstic in Tarragona

Villarreal B lost in their visit to the Nou Estadi in Tarragona (1-0). A Pablo Fernández goal was enough for Nàstic to give Mini Submarine to get something positive today. Miguel Álvarez’s side played well and had chances, but they were unable to capitalise on them.

Villarreal B dominated, kept the ball and had the initiative from the beginning of the game, with wing-backs Migue Leal and Dani Tasende widening the pitch and players such as Nikita and Ahn causing danger up front, looking to connect with Arana. The Canarian forward had a great chance after getting on the end of a long ball, and his first-time shot went close.

Nàstic also had chances, with Íker Álvarez having to save at full stretch on a number of occasions, but the Andorran goalkeeper looked confident at all times. Both teams went into half-time goalless, which reflected the game, that there wasn’t much difference between the two sides.

Aftre the break, Nàstic went ahead through Pablo Fernández, who headed home from a corner, leaving Íker Álvarez with no chance. Nicolas Jackson, who came off the bench, had the best chance of the second half, hitting the post. Another substitute, Álex Forés, also could have levelled through a header. Finally, Miguel Álvarez were unable to get the equaliser and Nàstic got the three points.


Gimnàstic de Tarragona: Manu García; Albarrán, Robert S. (m. 87, Prats), Aythami, Quintanilla, Joan Oriol; Del Campo (m. 90, Bonilla), Ribelles, Fullana, Carbia (m. 45, Pablo Fernández); Jannick (m.81, Trilles).

Villarreal B: Iker Álvarez; Migue (m. 66, Jackson), Dela, Martín (m. 84, Nikita), Pablo Iñiguez, Tasende; Del Moral (m. 89, D. Collado), Ahn (m. 66, Á. Forés), Carlo (m. 66, Lanchi), Lozano; Arana.

Goals: 1-0. Min. 58: Pablo Fernández.

RefereeSergio Pérez. Booked: Aythami (Gimnàstic); Dela, Carlo Villarreal B. Sent off: Quintanilla (Gimnàstic)

Stadium: Nou Estadi.