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Villarreal B join Boost LaLiga
Villarreal B join Boost LaLiga

The club has signed the agreement that LaLiga has with the CVC fund

Villarreal B, and the other three clubs promoted to LaLiga SmartBank, FC Andorra, Real Racing and Albacete BP; after a deep study of the conditions of the agreement, have decided to sign up to LaLiga Impulse, the strategic agreement with CVC that will allow these clubs, alongside the other ones who are involved, access to an economic injection that will help their professionalisation and development.

For Fernando Roig, Villarreal CF president: “This is an opportunity, after these years of the pandemic, to put LaLiga in the best possible place and for all clubs to grow,” adding: “Boost LaLiga will help us look towards the future, and for Villarreal CF, it will make us bigger, both the first team, and the B team too.”

Part of CVC’s investment in Boost LaLiga is allocated to promoted clubs, giving them access to 34% of the funds. Boost LaLiga provides the funds are finalist in nature and the clubs that sign the agreement commit to spend a maximum of 15% on the registration of players, another 15% on debt reduction and 70% of improving infrastructure and club development in the areas of international development, brand and product development, innovation, technology, digitalisation and social networks.

With these four clubs joining, 40 clubs and two B teams now make up Boost LaLiga, which means the considerable majority of clubs in professional football consider that the strategic agreement of Boost LaLiga is beneficial for the clubs, and favour its development and growth.