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Online Player Development Program


  • 4-session packs
  • One-on-one sessions with Villarreal CF coach
  • 100% online and flexible schedule
  • Customised to player’s needs
  • Designed for players who are seeking to complement their training sessions with a different approach
  • Use of video analysis tools and programs, animation, and professional teams' videos
  • Personalised videos according to player’s goal
  • Focused on the ability to understand the game and improve tactically as a player
  • Program follows Villarreal CF innovative methodology
  • Final report with player’s progress


  • Enhance the player’s ability to understand the game and see beyond what they are currently aware of
  • Assist the player's in modifying certain behaviours so they can improve
  • Allow the player to develop their decision-making process during games
  • Develop players that have the strength to act individually while also considering the needs of their team

Resumen ePDP

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