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Trigueros: “We’re preparing for an exciting season”
Trigueros: “We’re preparing for an exciting season”

The midfielder underlined that it’s an important campaign to take a step forward in LaLiga

Manu Trigueros appeared in front of the media in a press conference ahead of the start of pre-season friendlies for the Yellow Submarine, who head to Faro (Portugal) this afternoon, ahead of facing Sporting CP. The experienced midfielder, who could become the player with most matches in Villarreal CF. History this season, has spoken about the upcoming campaign, the demands of Unai Emery and even his viral photos from summer. Here are his standout comments.

Taking a step forward in LaLiga and the Copa del Rey

“Improving in LaLiga is an aim that we’ve set as a dressing room. We have the trust of the gaffer, the club, and the fans, and together, we need to be capable of fighting for the Champions League places until the end of the season, and to experience important nights here once more. The Copa del Rey is also something that excites us and is another challenge for the team. We have an experienced manager in Unai Emery, who has been at big clubs and has made this team strong and competitive.”

Playing at the Ciutat de València

“Playing far from home will be a handicap. We know that for the supporters, going to Valencia won’t be comfortable, but the club is making a big investment in the new stadium, and from December, we will experience a very special atmosphere at the Estadio de la Cerámica.”

Role in the squad

“I’m a player who adapts to whatever the coach wants in different positions. It is true that every year, there are top players in my position, but I’ve always said that if I’m at my best, I’m a player who can bring a lot to the team. Whoever plays in my position needs to do it very well because I am always going to be working hard and wanting to play.” 

His viral photos on social media

“They’re normal photos that the majority of players take. A lot of my team-mates and Friends have moments like that, being at home or with their friends, but I didn’t expect it to reach so many people. I’ve laughed a lot these days. I’ve also been to Ibiza, but it’s good to vary things up. The footballers are characterised in a set way, but we’re human beings, we have feelings, and we like the day-to-day life.”