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The U10s C team show why you should never lose faith
The U10s C team show why you should never lose faith

The young side has gone three games without losing and in their last tie, against Nuevo Salesianos Burriana, they got a result thanks to a late goal

The U10s C (Benjamín C) boys get to the Villarreal CF Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva), but, unlike every other Tuesday, this time, the boys aren’t going to train, but to play a league match. In their rucksack, instead of training kit, the yellow shirt shines, as it should on important days.

The dressing room before matchdays is full of concentration, but you also hear jokes and laughs between the players and coaching staff in the build-up to games. The team talk is about to start. Their coaches, Manu Cheza, Jordi Francisco, Cristian Sánchez and Jorge Usó start to speak in front of the youngsters looking on attentively. “It’s a very important match. We’re going into it in good form and we have a great chance to continue, ” explains one of the coaches before starting to share tactical concepts in a cutting-edge question-answer system that is always used in the Yellows Academy, with the footballer’s interaction, implication and understanding being key. 

“How should we play?” asks one of the other coaches. The boys respond :”We should make the pitch wide,” “we should be dangerous in attack,” reply with conviction two players, with their team-mates supporting and reaffirming their ideas. “Are you ready to play?” It’s time to take to the pitch.

After the warm-up, the coaches unveil the eight players who will start the game against Nuevo Salesianos Burriana, the Yellows’ opponents. The referee blows his whistle and the game at the Training Ground gets underway. It’s not the best start for Villarreal. In the 12th minute, the team from Burriana go ahead on the scoreboard. Less than ten minutes later, they increase their lead, making it 0-2.

The Yellows don’t throw in the towel and Bruno Broch cuts the lead in half with a goal just before half-time. During the break, the players go to the bench and receive instructions from their coaches, who congratulate them for their good play and tell them to keep their head up and try and turn the match around against a tough opponent: “Come on boys, you can do it!”

The Villarreal boys come out for the second half keen to get the game going. The Yellows take control of the ball and have various goalscoring chances, without any luck. The match is about to end, but the tireless Villarreal players continue trying. One last push.

With seconds to go, Carlos Felipe equalises with a very late goal. The U10s C draw the game, and happiness reigns among the Yellows, who celebrate the result. The point gained doesn’t only help the Submarine keep up their good form, but also shows how insistence and faith can pay off.


The U10s C team is made up of the following people:

Coaches: Manu Cheza, Jordi Francisco, Cristian Sánchez  Jorge Usó.

Players: Jordi Aldana, Jaime Beltrán, Raúl Bosquet, Sergio Cozar, Andrés Druga, Alfredo García-Petit Hernández, Firas Haddou, Lucas Senna, Bruno Broch, Vicente Davó, Felipe Forés, Gorka Gutiérrez, Iván Boix, Jaume Orenga, Álex Gabriel Bancila.