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The solid U9 side with high hopes
The solid U9 side with high hopes

Before the break in the season, the Yellows side were the team to have conceded the second-fewest number of goals in the tough Castellón Group 3

Being solid at the back is the strongest characteristic of one of our U7s side, Benjamín F. Despite their great defensive numbers, they still play a fun and attractive style. The young Yellows side are the team to have conceded the second-fewest number of goals in the tough Castellón Group 3, with 27 let in, which has allowed them sit fourth in the table, despite having played  two games less than their rivals.

The team, coaches by Juan Madrid and Ángel del Castillo, is a united group, that has spent various years training together. “The team is a compact block. The players know each other from three or four years ago and that has really helped the adaptation work, and even when we’re planning sessions,” explains Madrid.

The atmosphere within the dressing room is brilliant. The spectacular evolution that the players have had is a source of pride for their coaches: “We’re very happy. Our main aim is for them to improve and learn bit by bit. What’s true is that we’ve seen a great amount of growth from the start of the season until now.”

The young Yellows’ exponential growth is due to the motivation and hunger for learning that they have going into each training session: “If this group of people stands out for something it’s for their curiosity and hunger to participate. They come hungry to learn, they ask when they have doubts. In each training session they surprise us. Even the coaches are hungry to see them so motivated and excited for learning.”

For Madrid, it’s his first season as a Yellows Academy coach, an academy he knows perfectly, after having played nine years in it: “It’s been like coming home. Villarreal is one of the best academies in the country, and the methodology is continually evolving. I’m happy and really keen to continue learning.”

Finally, the coach can see a bright future for his youngsters: “If they continue like this, they will carry on progressing and who knows what the future holds. We are focused on them growing and learning, and that they have a good time.”

Team: Gerard Villacreces, Mario Tenedor, Héctor Palomares, Mario Alessio, Hugo Roig, Joel Dorado, Manuel Guillen, Gerard Andreu, Manel Vilanova, Jordi Barreda, Yassin Batouche, Pablo Bosquet, Robert Folgado, Ferran Orenga, David Nebot. 

Coaches: Ángel del Castillo, Juan Madrid.