The ‘Els Ports-Villarreal CF Javi Prats’ Fan Club is born
The ‘Els Ports-Villarreal CF Javi Prats’ Fan Club is born


The presentation took place at the ‘El Faixero’ restaurant in Cinctorres


The Yellow family keeps growing. This Friday was the presentation of a new official Villarreal CF Fan Club that goes by the name of ‘Els Ports-Villarreal CF Javi Prats’ and will represent all the towns in the Els Ports (Valencian for ‘Los Puertos de Morella’, in English ‘Ports of Morella’) region. The official presentation took place in Cinctorres and was led by Villarreal CF President, Fernando Roig, and the event was also attended by the Mayor of Vila-real, José Benlloch, and the Mayor of Cinctorres, Antonio Ripollés. The President of the ‘Els Ports-Villarreal CF Javi Prats’ Fan Club, Iván Escorihuela, could not be there for professional reasons, but that did not stop him from recording a touching video that was played before the attendees and was followed by a round of applause by all.

The atmosphere in the ‘El Faixero’ restaurant in Cinctorres, where the lunch was held, was spectacular. After that, Fernando Roig, presented the official certificate to the Vice President of the Fan Club, as well as a shirt signed by the footballers from the First Team squad. The Yellows ex-player and current coach of the Juvenil B team, Javi Prats, also gave away the shirt that was part of Villarreal CF’s spectacular first promotion to the First Division in Santiago de Compostela.    

Endavant (Come on!) ‘Els Ports-Villarreal CF Javi Prats’ Fan Club!