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“We want to get something positive”
“We want to get something positive”

Sara Monforte underlined the importance of stopping the Catalans’ link-up play (Saturday, 12pm CET)

Villarreal Women head coach Sara Monforte appeared in front of the media ahead of the match against Levante Las Planas on Saturday 17th December at 12pm CET, corresponding to Matchday 13 of the 2022/23 Finetwork Liga F season, at the Municipal Las Planas.

The team’s ambition

“The defeat the other day against Sporting Club de Huelva, even though it was another defeat at the Mini Estadi, was very different to the other defeats. The team competed very well and, to be honest, we are aware that these circumstances can happen. We’re looking forward to getting something positive out of Levante Las Planas. The team is feeling good, confident, calm and in the best shape to play the last game of the year.”

The opposition

“Del Levante Las Planas destacaría su gran juego combinativo. Es un equipo que es un recién ascendido, pero no lo parece porque ha fichado a jugadoras con mucha experiencia en Primera. Suele haber dos tipos de equipos entre los que acaban de ascender: unos tienen muchas dificultades y otros se adaptan muy bien. Creo que el Levante Las Planas se ha adaptado muy bien a la categoría. Además del gran juego combinativo, tienen una formación de 4-3-3 con un juego interior muy bueno y gente que te desborda en el uno contra uno”. 

“I would highlight Levante Las Planas’ great combinative play. They are a newly-promoted team, but it doesn’t seem that way because they have signed players with a lot of experience in the top flight. There are usually two types of teams among those who have just been promoted: some have a lot of difficulties and others adapt very well. I think Levante Las Planas have adapted very well to the league. As well as their great combination play, they play in a 4-3-3 formation with very good play in the middle of the park and people who can get the better of you in one-on-ones.”

The keys to the match

“it is up to us. We have to stick to our game plan for the full 90 minutes. We also have to know how to suffer, which is sometimes difficult for us. We have to try to counter their good combination play, try to get through and create danger. 

Constant work

“En el partido contra el Sporting Club de Huelva, creo que el equipo dio un cambio y perdimos el partido de una manera en la que se puede perder siempre, ya que al final te marcan un gol en el último minuto. Pero la dinámica de partido fue diferente, llevamos el peso del partido, el equipo se mantuvo fuerte cuando recibimos los dos goles… Estamos dando pasos adelante. Nosotros siempre trabajamos a nivel mental las cosas positivas, ser conscientes y no extrapolar. Estamos a un punto del descenso, pero eso ahora mismo es anecdótico. Veo al equipo muy concienciado. Además, la última derrota le hizo mucho daño al equipo a nivel de orgullo. Creo que hemos sacado ese amor propio que a veces nos ha faltado y nos va a venir de maravilla para el partido contra el Levante Las Planas. Queremos ir allí para sacar puntos e irnos más tranquilas a las vacaciones de Navidad”. 

“In the match against Sporting Club de Huelva, I think the team made a change and we lost the game in a way that you can always lose, because at the end they score a goal in the last minute. But the dynamic of the game was different, we carried the weight of the game, the team stayed strong when we conceded the two goals… We are taking steps forward. We always work on the positive things mentally, being aware and not extrapolating. We are one point away from relegation, but right now that’s anecdotal. I see the team very aware. Also, the last defeat did a lot of damage to the team in terms of pride. I think we’ve brought out that self-respect that we’ve lacked at times and it’s going to come in handy for the game against Levante Las Planas. We want to go there to get points and go into the Christmas break feeling more relaxed.”

Different feelings

“Last season, at this stage, we were in more or less the same situation. At the end of the first round, which was Christmas time, we had 11 points. Now we have 10 points and there are three games left in this first round of fixtures (Levante Las Planas and two more in January against Levante UD and Atlético de Madrid). Only those of us who are in the league can see how difficult it is, how many teams are fighting, that every day the women’s league is more difficult. We have to keep our feet on the ground, be calm, be strong and trust in the work, which is being done very well and I’m sure it will be reflected.”