Sara Monforte: “We need to be practical”
Sara Monforte: “We need to be practical”

The Villarreal Women head coach analyses the next opponents for the Yellows (Sunday, 1pm CET)

Villarreal Women head coach Sara Monforte appeared in front of the media to analyse the upcoming match against UDG Tenerife Egatesa (Sunday, 1pm CET), which will take place at the Estadio Municipal La Palmera. Here are the key highlights from what she had to say:

The best moment for the team

“This is surely the best moment for the team. I think the team is in a very good place after the hard-fought win against Rayo Vallecano which wasn’t easy, and they’ve given us back the points, which we deserved. It was a tough match, but the team is very strong and full of confidence.”

The opposition

“I think, that along with the trip to Barcelona, it’s the toughest trip. I think they’re a team who have clear ideas, who know how they play and their third on merit. At their ground, their fans push them on a lot. UDG Tenerife have a direct playing style, with three attackers who have a lot of quality, and are great at one-on-ones, and they have a real danger up front. The players in the middle of the pitch are great at second balls.”

Keys to the match

“Being strong mentally is very important. We need to be strong, we need to dig in, we know that it’s a difficult stadium. We also need to be practical and look for Tenerife’s weaknesses. I think we’ll have chances, because the team competes in every match.”

Getting the six points back

“I think that what you’ve won on the pitch is yours. If we don’t manage to stay up, we want it to be because we failed on the pitch and not because they took something away from us in the offices. This team needs to have the points it deserves, and that it won on the pitch, which are 23. Now is the time to keep calm and think coldly because we can’t relax. We are seven points above the relegation zone, but we can’t relax. In two months, we’ve turned things around, because we went from -2 points to +17, and now we have 23. There are nine matches left and anything could happen. When you want something, you have to give your all, hard work, commitment. No-one gifts you nothing, however, what you want to get, you need to fight for.”

Copa de la Reina draw

“We would like to play at home. I think that playing a Copa de la Reina match at Miralcamp would be great. The opposition that we can face are all difficult. It will be a great knockout tie and an exciting challenge.”