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Roig: “The dinosaur and the dedication is an honour for Villarreal”
Roig: “The dinosaur and the dedication is an honour for Villarreal”

The president praised the great work of the scientists in the discovery of the Protathlitis cinctorrensis

The president of Villarreal CF, Fernando Roig, led the presentation ceremony of the Protathlitis cinctorrensis, which was held this lunchtime at the El Ceramista Restaurant at the Estadio de la Cerámica together with the scientific team formed by researchers from the ‘Grup Guix’ from Vila-real, the Jaume I University of Castelló and the University of Valencia, who are responsible for this magnificent palaeontological find.

The president was grateful for the dedication of the scientific group: “I am not an expert on the subject, but I am very grateful for the detail of dedicating it to Villarreal CF for the UEFA Europa League title and for the centenary. Joining Cinctorres and Vila-real is a great idea. We are happy to celebrate the centenary, which is 100 years, and here we are talking about 127 million years. It is impressive. And it helps us to see where we come from and how ephemeral we are.”

For his part, Fernando Roig has expressed his support and commitment to this discovery and to the impeccable scientific work of this group of researchers: “Villarreal will try to highlight the work of these professionals and promote this impressive discovery. We admire the scientific work and we must support it. It is an honour for the club that you have thought of us. Hopefully we can continue to do this research that contributes to science. Thank you for your work.”