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Registration period closed for the VFO team
Registration period closed for the VFO team

One of the club’s virtual team captains has written a letter to trialists

After ten days of open trials and a face-to-face meetings with candidates, the registration period to form part of the Villarreal CF’s VFO (Virtual Football Organization) has closed. And participation has been a resounding success.

The captain of the VFO team on the PS4, Isaac Tortosa (Leo2307), wanted to write a letter to all participants, which is the following:

Firstly, I want to thank each one of you for your interest and patience when it came to filling out the form. We’re sorry we haven’t been able to respond to everyone, but we have collected all the information and data, so all of you that sent an email are on the list for trials. It has been hard work compiling the information to be able to manage the 170 applications (only on PS4) that we have received.

Well, from the PS4 platform we want to announce that we are going to start the trials for the players today, 29th November. The timetable for the trials is from 6pm to 9pm in two shifts. The tests will be carried out from Monday to Friday at the announced schedule. There will be another shift at 6:30pm.

Requirements for the tests

  • Follow our captain @Leo_CVF closely on Twitter. There the list of your PSN ID’s will be released and you must confirm that you are able to do the trial on the day and time proposed by sending a direct message to his Twitter account. The list will be released a minimum of one day in advance.
  • The trials schedule cannot be changed. It has been arranged for perfect operation and coordination between players and captains.
  • Once confirmed, we will inform you that for the trials our captain will have 2 helpers who will alternate and be in charge of filming the trials (privately) to be able to evaluate players better.
  • In addition, it is compulsory to use the TeamSpeak (TS) platform (free for PC and a payment required for Android and Iphone) to communicate with the team captain at the time of the trial. You must always be on the platform 5 minutes before the trial starts. The address to enter the platform is the following:  
  • Players must send their request to ‘CVF Prueba’ or ‘CVF Prueba B’.
  • The shortlist includes 170 players. There will be 10 players for each team. Which makes a total of 17 teams (as it is an odd number, in the case that a position is lacking players, some players will be able to repeat the trials). Example: There are a lot more CMs then GKs, so it’s possible that they take the trials more than once. 
  • The minimum trial length will be 3 matches. In one shift there is enough time for these 3 matches.
  • There will only be a margin of 10 minutes, after the time the trial is due to start, that players will be waited for. If the player has still not arrived after these 10 minutes and does not advise that he will not be attending the trial they will be automatically ruled out of the final shortlist.
  • After the first shortlist of 170 we will narrow it down to 40. Then, with these 40 players there will be a second round of trials to reduce the shortlist to 20. From those 20, 14 will be chosen to represent the Villarreal CF eSports team.

Final notes

  • To finish, we would like to emphasize our gratitude for the many applications, the excitement and passion we have for this project.
  • Above all, we want you to know that you are all welcome to come to the trials, we want a relaxed but also serious atmosphere and most importantly, with respect for all.
  • In the end we will try to put together the best team possible and those that are eliminated, please don’t lose your hope or enthusiasm as this is all just getting started.

Thank you for everything. Endavant!


Captain of PS4 Villarreal CF eSports

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