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Paola Soldevila, a Yellow until 2024
Paola Soldevila, a Yellow until 2024

The Catalan midfielder will stay at Villarreal Women for another season

Villarreal CF and Paola Soldevila have reached a renewal agreement for the midfielder to continue in yellow next season. Soldevila will continue to be tie to the Yellows until 30th June 2024.

Paola Soldevila de la Pisa (07/12/1996, Porrera, Tarragona) stands out for her versatility on the pitch, as she can play as a defensive midfielder, centre-back or full-back. It is worth noting that Soldevila has been the player most used by Sara Monforte in the club’s two seasons in the top flight. In the 2021/22 season, the Catalan played a total of 2,546 minutes in 30 league games. To which must be added the 2,560 minutes she has played last season, spread over 29 matches in Liga F. Likewise, she also played some minutes in the three matches of the 2023 Copa de la Reina.

A estas cifras, hay que añadir que la centrocampista ha sido la futbolista del Villarreal Femenino que más pases efectuados de manera satisfactoria ha dado (939) y la que más balones ha recuperado (62); siendo, además, la segunda máxima recuperadora de la Liga F 2022/23.

In addition to these figures, in 2022/23, the midfielder was the player to make the most successful passes for Villarreal Women (939) and recover the most balls (62); which was the second highest number in Liga F.