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Official announcement: COVID-19
Official announcement: COVID-19

Villarreal CF has reached an agreement to reduce the men’s first team’s salaries

In these extremely difficult times due to the grave consequences being generated by the COVID-19 pandemic on a worldwide level, and with all competition suspended, Villarreal CF has reached an agreement of a salary reduction for it’s men’s first-team squad and the coaching staff, with regards to the economic impact that it will have, due to the possibility that the club’s main sources of income will be affected.

The club wants to thank enormously the commitment and responsibility shown by its footballers and coaching staff to facilitate this agreement and contribute with the club’s economic situation, by reducing their salaries 20%, should the competition be definitively suspended, or in smaller percentages facing different scenarios, such as the competition being resumed, in front of or without fans.

The charitableness of the players and the coaching staff, due to the economic situation caused by the State of Alarm called by the Government, has been the determining factor for the club to be able to keep the jobs of its 623 employees, securing their income for them and their family, and to not having to ask for an ‘ERTE’ (special measures allowing companies to temporarily lay off staff or cut hours).

The club, aware of the current situation, is collaborating with those connected to the area, by providing food for those with scarce resources, and for those at risk of social exclusion, by handing out more than 200 daily meals through the #CuentaConmigo (Count on Me) campaign, organised by the club, the men’s first team and the Fundación Carlos Bacca. This initative consists of offering catering services free or charge to medical professionals and those working in the police forces and military in the area, to show thanks for the hard work they are putting in to keep us safe.

Villarreal CF wants to show its support for those who are suffering the consequences of this pandemic and asks its fans to act responsibility to stop the propagation of COVID-19. The club is also offering to health authorities all measures possible at their service to help the fight against the coronavirus.