The Academy will compete in Coventry

The Academy will compete in Coventry

21 / 05 / 2015

The Under-10 International Premier League Tournament 2015 will feature Villarreal


An arranged team of youngsters, born between the 1st of September 2004 and the 31st of August 2005, will participate in the first edition of the Under-10 International Premier League Tournament in Coventry.

Villarreal has been invited to take on several English clubs, as well as the two other invited teams Benfica and Club Brugge. Arsenal, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Fulham, Leicester City, Liverpool, Manchester City, Reading, Sunderland and West Ham United make up the list of contestants.

At the start of the tournament on the 28th of May at 2 pm (1 pm London Time), the teams will have been divided into two groups of seven. Every match (12 minutes per half) will have seven players on either side, given that it is mandatory for every one of the five substitutes to play every match. The leading two teams of the groups will enter the semifinals.

Villarreal has picked the following twelve boys to play the tournament: Sergi Tornell, Joan Marqués, Salva García, Juanjo Martínez, Mario Granjo, Llatzer Caparrós, Eric Serrano, Ander Rubert, Alejandro Bueso, Pau Navarro, Paco-Teralign Gil and Mario Ibeas. These youngsters will attempt to win the cup under the guidance of the staff, consisting of Mauro Castillo, Quique Parra, Salvador Almela and Pablo Cañada.



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