Reaching the round of 16 spectacularly! (1-3)

Reaching the round of 16 spectacularly! (1-3)

26 / 02 / 2015

Villarreal has registered a top class performance and can still dream of the Europa League


Amazing. Villarreal continues to overwhelm. The Submarine has reached the Round of 16 of the Europa League in a brilliant way with two goals by Vietto and one more by Giovani. The Yellows were dominated throughout the first part of the game, but managed to pull off a great second half in order to win the match.

The match started out as expected. The Austrians played offensively and pressed high up the pitch and Villarreal was hoping to connect with Vietto and Uche, who had to create the chances for the Yellows. Vietto showed off in the first phase of the game with a great play near the goal line that was stopped at the last moment and an opportunity to run and face goalkeeper Gulácsi, which was closed down by Hinteregger. It could have been a free kick from a good spot, but the referee interpreted the challenge otherwise.

Salzburg reacted quickly and scored with their first real chance. Djuricin connected with a ball around the edge of the penalty area, which left Asenjo with too little time to react as the ball narrowly fell into the far corner.

Villarreal would have been out of the tournament if they didn’t score. Consequently, The Submarine had to respond and wished to equalize before half time. In the 33rd minute, the free kick of Jonathan dos Santos found Vietto, who headed the ball behind Gulácsi and spectacularly tied the game.
In the second half, Salzburg went searching for the goal that would sent the game into extra time. Ten minutes in, Villarreal got their first opportunity of the second half after fighting off the pressure of the Austrian attacking players. Cheryshev had eyes in the back of his head and stepped over the ball to put Vietto in position, but he failed to relieve the yellow crowd.

Twenty minutes before the end, Cheryshev believed he had earned a penalty, after Ulmer shoved him inside the area. The Danish referee wasn’t convinced enough, which kept the excitement in the game for the undecided spectators.

Villarreal eventually diminished the hope of Salzburg with a goal fifteen minutes before the end. Giovani used his speed to end up in shooting position, with nobody else but goalkeeper Gulácsi to beat. Vietto had accompanied him from the left side and scored after Giovani assisted him generously.
The same protagonists were involved in the making of the (1-3). This time it was Vietto who assisted Giovani. The Mexican number 9 finished with his right foot to secure the advancement.

Villarreal will play Sevilla in the Round of 16 of the Europa League on the 12th and 19th of March.


FC Salzburg: Gulácsi, Schwegler, André Ramalho, Hinteregger, Ulmer; Minamino (Felipe Pires /46), Keita, Laimer (Bruno /69), Sabitzer, Djuricin (Berisha /83), Jonathan Soriano

Villarreal CF: Asenjo; Mario, Musacchio, Victor Ruiz, Jaume Costa; Jonathan dos Santos, 
Pina (Campbell /86), Trigueros, Cheryshev, Uche (Giovani /68), Vietto (Moi Gomez /80)

Goals: (1-0) Djuricin 18’, (1-1) Vietto 33’, (1-2) Vietto 75’, (1-3) Giovani 79’
Yellow Cards: Hinteregger, Schwegler, Musacchio, Pina, Trigueros, Jonathan dos Santos

Referee: Kenn Hansen (Denmark)

Stadium: Salzburg Stadium



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