Villarreal's footballers pose for the picture with the Chinese kids of the Wanda Project.

Happy Chinese New Year!

29 / 01 / 2014

The players of Villarreal CF and the kids from the Wanda Project send their best wishes

Some of our first team players, Musacchio, Mario, Aquino, Pina and Jokic are featured along with nine of our young Chinese footballers from Wanda's second football Project (who are part of Villarreal's youth ranks since 2013) in a video that sends our club'd best wishes for the Chinese New Year. In this video, the kids will try their best to teach our footballers how to wish the Chinese community a happy holiday in Chinese for this upcoming ‘Year of the Horse’.

The Wanda Project

In December 2010, Villarreal partnered with Chinese corporate Dalian Wanda Group Corporation Ltd., in coordination with the Chinese Administration and the Sports Department, in an agreement that focus deeply in transforming Chinese football.

To understand this agreement it's necessary to highlight the existing interest in the Chinese Administration to strengthen football in China. Regarding footaball, Spain is one of the most admired countries for China. With the passion of being able to contribute to the growth of this sport, Wanda assigned GreatGate-Zertior the development of a project based on the improvement of the Chinese young talents, that would be sent every month of August to train and become the future backbone of the Chinese national team.

Since the 2012-13 season and during 3 years, with a possible extension of 2 more years, Wanda sends 10 footballers to Villarreal's Sports Centre annually. These kids train along the rest of the Submarine's youth talents in the Yellow Academy.

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