An outstanding draw against Real Madrid (2-2)

An outstanding draw against Real Madrid (2-2)

16 / 09 / 2013

Villarreal outplays Real Madrid that is able to save one point with an excellent Diego López.

If we were to measure the game on the occasions and dominance of one team and consider them as goals, Villarreal would have certainly taken all three points against a very strong Real Madrid. But we're talking about football and all that counts is how many goals you are able to sneak into the net, Villarreal drew this very exciting match in El Madrigal (2-2). The team was superior in almost every facet of the game. With Cani and Giovani as scorers, the Submarine performed an outstanding game against Ancelotti's men who were only able to secure this point with a great Diego López and their amazing attacking skills. With this draw, the Yellows remain in the top of the league, tied with Real Madrid on third place.

Villarreal surprised almighty Real Madrid during the first 15 minutes. With a lot of intensity, speed and highly focused, the Submarine stood up to the Whites with a lot of nerve. Fast triangulations that originated from the midfield, the Yellows managed to create three clear scoring chances to get ahead on the scoreboard.

The first chance came in the 5th minute when Jonathan Pereira took advantage of a defensive mismatch to leave his man on the left. Despite Pepe reacting instantly, Jony was able to shoot on goal but Diego López had an incredible save at the very last moment. A minute later, both Trigueros and Giovani were very close to shooting on goal after a dangerous turnover by Real Madrid.

The locals had another very clear opportunity around the 16th minute. Cani centered the ball from the end of the pitch and it landed on Pereira's feet. Jony didn't think twice and hit a very powerful shot... but Diego López rejected the ball once again. 

The Yellows were standing up against Real Madrid which had no chance during these first minutes. Finally around the 20th minute Villarreal was rewarded for its effords. Bruno passed a great ball in the box and despite Giovani was not able to shoot, the ball ended up on Cani's feet who shot on goal coming from the second line and scored. Things were looking good but there was still a lot to go.

Real Madrid is a very strong team with extremely good attacking skills and even though the Submarine was keeping their most dangerous forwards under control during the first half hour, on their second chance of the night Carvajal centered the ball to Bale who scored coming from the back. It was his début as a Real Madrid footballer and he was able to balance the score 1-1 despite the different merits accumulated by both teams at the moment.

The second half began with one of the most controversial plays of the game, with Aquino arriving in the box and centering a ball that hit Nacho 's hand, but the referee didn't call anything.

The game's pace was well under control for the Yellows, who didn't decay at all. Around the 54th minute the Submarine had the clearest chance to score with a beautiful play that started on the defensive line with Giovani initiating a series of passes (up to seven) between his teammates, Jonathan Pereira facing Diego López, passed the ball to Jaume Costa whose shot went slightly out.

Villarreal kept approaching the area of Diego Lopez, but then Real Madrid reappeared. Around the 63rd minutethe Whites pulled of a very fast counter attack, reaching the box with Benzema and Ronaldo and a first shot from the former that rejected Sergio Asenjo. The latter got the ball and scored on the second chance. Real Madrid was ahead for the first time of the match but Villarreal was not dead.

Not even close to dead...  Eight minutes later, Cani had an outstanding appearance once again, being able to leave his mark on the midfield and to shoot on goal. Diego López rejected the ball that went to Giovani who scored the equalizer. After the goal Marcelino's men kept their game and if it was not with Real Madrid's extraordinary saves they could have got the lead again.

The match was open and Villarreal ebullient. Even Asenjo had his glorious action with a great save on a Cristiano Ronaldo shot with five minutes to go. The excitement remained until the end with both teams pushing but the score stayed 2-2.

Match facts:

Villarreal CF: Asenjo; Mario, Musacchio, Dorado, Jaume Costa; Aquino, Bruno, Trigueros (Pina, 70'), Cani; Giovani (Hernán Pérez, 74') and Jonathan Pereira (Uche, 64').

Real Madrid CF: Diego López; Carvajal, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Nacho; Modric, Illarramendi (Khedira, 61'), Bale (Di Maria, 61'), Isco, Cristiano Ronaldo; and Benzema (Morata, 75').

Goals: 1-0, min. 20: Cani. 1-1, min. 38: Bale. 2-1, min. 63: Cristiano Ronaldo. 2-2, min. 69: Giovani.

Referee: Fernano Teixeira Vitienes. Yellow cards for Aquino (34') and Pina (77') for Villarreal, and Nacho (35') and Morata (76') for Real Madrid.

Comments: Fourth match week in the Spanish Liga BBVA. El Madrigal was totally full.


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