Comeback routine! (2-1)
General News   |  27 / 08 / 2013

Comeback routine! (2-1)

  An ambitious Villarreal achieves a very important comeback against Valladolid, winning 2 out of 2 matches

Our team gave a new lesson of commitment and faith last Saturday. The Submarine was able to comeback on the score after Valladolid's early goal for a final victory 2-1.

The match was very difficult from the start, with Villarreal allowing a goal with only 3 minutes played, but Marcelino's men were able to regain control of ball possesion and enjoyed many scoring opportunities. Around the 38th minute the referee called a penalty foul on Jaume Costa. Giovani, with an impecable shot, managed to balance the score for the Yellows (1-1). After halftime Villarreal came out on the field with a lot of intensity and speed, but the team didn't manage to generate a lot of scoring chances. With ten minutes remaining, Villarreal enjoyed a very clear chance with Aquino on the right wing serving a great ball to Perbet, who missed the ball just by an inch right on goal. The Yellows weren't very lucky but suddenly Cani appeared...

Match facts:

Villarreal CF: Asenjo, Mario, Musacchio, Chechu Dorado, Jaume Costa; Aquino, Trigueros (Pina, 69 '), Bruno, Cani, Giovani (Perbet, 46') and Jonathan Pereira (Uche, 65 ').

Real Valladolid CF: Mariño; Rukavina, Marc Valiente, Heinz, Peña; Alcatraz (Omar, 56 '), Jesús Rueda, Álvaro Rubio, Bergdich, Oscar (Rama, 81') and Javi Guerra (Osorio, 74 ').

Goals: 0-1, min. 3: Javi Guerra. 1-1, min. 38: Giovani. 2-1 min. 84: Cani.

Referee: Jesus Gil Manzano (Extremadura). He showed a yellow card to Jaume Costa (54 '), Mario (58'), Perbet (60 ') and Dorado (69') from the Villarreal and Marc Valiente (44 ') and Bergdich from Valladolid.

Incidents: Second game week of the 13-14 Liga at the Estadio El Madrigal. The Submarine debuted in front of their fans in league competition after its return to the top flight.

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