An amazing comeback to start (2-3)

An amazing comeback to start (2-3)

20 / 08 / 2013

Villarreal comes back two times in the game against Almería and ends up winning in its season debut

 Villarreal had to suffer more tahn expected in his league debut against Almeria, which came ahead twice in the "Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos". But the best Villarreal reappeared in the decisive moments and made a spectacular comeback with goals from Jonathan Pereira and Gio dos Santos, which allow Marcellino's team to get their first win of the season.

The Yellows started much more active than the locals. With quick transitions and accurate passing, the yellows were planted from the beginning to Esteban goal and already in the first minute, Hernan Perez knocked a powerful shot

after a great team move, but the ball went wide. The Andalusians, witnessing the dominance of the submarine, fell back and tried to break Villarreal pressure by playing much more compact.

At that time, despite the fact that Marcelino's players were controlling the game, rivals began to gain prominence in the midfield and eventually the balance to the point that placed 23 minutes a clear chance when Aleix Vidal stood alone to Asenjo after a quick against, but the goalkeeper covered well and this chance was left alone in a fright.

That was when the submarine had most trouble. With increased pressure from Almería players, it resulted to be harder than usual for Villarreal defenders to connect with the midfield, so they stretched their lines. In 37th minute, Uche headed a free-kick by Giovanni, but Esteban blocked the shot of the Nigerian.

In 39th minute came the worst news for the yellows. In a quick exit of premises, Rafita received a long ball from Suso and served Rodri at the near post, who crossed the ball and opened the score.

The second half Followed the same script. Almería was locking Villarreal players controlling the possession of the ball while the submarine was trying to shake off the pressure. The coach then made substitutions and Trigueros, Aquino and then Jonathan Pereira came into the pitch to give something new to the team. And it worked.

Without neglecting the counter-attacks of the Andalusians, Villarreal started having more presence in midfield and, at 64th minute, Jonathan Pereira put the equalizer after a ride on the right in which the Galician shot but the ball hit in Trujilo, who scored an own goal. This goal stimulated the submarine and two minutes later, after a good colective move, Jaume Costa had a good chance from the left, but the ball went high.

However, when Villarreal seemed to take the initiative, Almería scored a second goal. Suso hunt a clearance in the band and crossed for Rodri, who finished alone. But this setback awakened Marcelino's players. In 82th minute, Giovani flawlessly shuffled a cross from the right to equalize again, but that was not all. Two minutes later, Jonathan Pereira found a reward for his insistence after a good display of Giovani, that gave a fantastic pass for the Galician who scored after the ball hit one more time on a defender of Almeria.

2-3 on the scoreboard. There were five minutes left of pure tension and the Andalusians had their chance in the discount, but Villarreal finally gets a fantastic victory and its first three points of the 13-14 season.

Technical sheet:

UD Almería: Esteban; Dubarbier (Óscar Díaz, 86'), Trujillo, Pellerano, Rafita; Verza, Soriano (Kiu, 84), Tébar (Corona, 68'), Vidal, Suso; and Rodri.

Villarreal CF: Asenjo; Mario, Musacchio, Pablo Íñiguez, Jaume Costa; Bruno, Pina (Trigueros, 53'), Cani, Hernán Pérez (Aquino, 58'); Giovani and Uche (Jonathan Pereira, 61').

Goals: 1-0, min. 38: Rodri. 1-1, min. 64: Trujillo (own goal). 2-1, min. 74: Rodri. 2-2, min. 82: Giovani. 2-3, min. 85: Jonathan Pereira.

Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco. He admonished Rafita (34 ') and Pellerano (87') from the Almería. Game of the first day of the 2013-14 Liga at the Stadium "Los Juegos Mediterráneos" in front of 10,036 supporters. Over two hundred fans traveled from Villarreal to cheer and watch the game.

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