Villarreal Women lose at Zubieta (4-0)

03 / 10 / 2021

Dos goles en un minuto han sentenciado al conjunto amarillo ante la Real Sociedad, equipo llamado a estar en la zona noble de la tabla

Two goals in a minute killed off the Yellows against Real Sociedad, a team that will be surely be towards the top of the table

Villarreal Women lost against a competitive Real Sociedad side, a team that will end the season towards the top of the table, at Zubieta (4-0). Two goals in a minute at the halfway point in the first half decided the game, but Sara Monforte’s side fought until the last moment, creating chances and pressing high.

The opening goal came early. Yenifer Giménez lost the ball when she was trying to shepherd it out of play, and it ended in a great goal by Nerea Eizagirre. The Yellows continued to try and cause problems for the Real Sociedad defence, with balls towards Belén and Sheila, and a number of crosses into the box.

Halfway through the first half saw two goals finish the Yellows’ options of getting something important from the visit to Zubieta. Mirari, capitalizing on a rebound, and Sarriegi on a one-on-one with Pamela Tajonar, hurt the Yellows before both teams went back to the dressing rooms.

In the second half, the Yellows tried to press and turn the score around. With an hour on the clock, Sheila Guijarro could have got one back with a header that went off target. Ainoa Campos’s long-range effort made the goalkeeper make a good save, before Olivia Opera’s shot from outside of the box also brought the best out of Elene Lete in the Real Sociedad goal. However, Nera Eizagirre ended up sealing the game for the home side, making it 4-0,

Next up for Villarreal Women is a home game against Granadilla Tenerife.


Real Sociedad Women: Elene Lete; Nuria Rábano (m. 62, Izarne), Ana Tejada, Emma Ramírez, C. Pleuler; Mirari Uria (m. 46, Claudia Fernández), Arnaiz (m. 62, Maddi), Nerea Eizagirre (m. 76, Franssi), Etxezarreta; Amaiur Sarriegi, G. García (m. 76, Gemma).

Villarreal Women: T. Alonso; Olivia, Lara Mata, Soldevila, Y. Giménez (m. 84, Laura Royo), I. Miguélez; Ainoa (m. 72, Bea Prades), S. Medina (m. 72, S. Bermell), Cienfu; Belén (m. 63, Pinel S.), Sheila (m. 84, Vera Rico).

Goals: 1-0. Min. 4: Nerea Eizagirre. 2-0. Min. 26: Mirari Uria. 3-0. Min. 27: Amaiur Sarriegi.

Referee: Elena Peláez Arnillas. Booked: Olivia Oprea, I. Miguélez, Y. Giménez (Villarreal Women).

Stadium: Zubieta.


Campo: Zubieta.

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