Edison Flores: I'm happy to be back

Edison Flores: I'm happy to be back

10 / 05 / 2013

He scored last game's second goal and is happy to be back aboard

The Villarreal B's midfielder Edison Flores, showed how happy he was to be back on the pitch last weekend in their game against Yeclano. The Peruvian, who had suffered a hamstring injury, was happy to return, fighting fit, and ready to contribute to the team. "I suffered a big injury after arriving from South America and now I have to work on getting my confidence back as well as proving myself to my team mates and trainers. It's been a complicated year for me because its taken a lot of time to recover, but I'm happy to finally be back. Now everything is much better and I've been lucky to have had the support of the club and my team mates. I have somewhat lost my rhythm, but I hope that now I am fit I can work on getting back into the swing of things".


For Flores the most important thing is to keep on improving as a footballer, and keep on aiming high for the future. "I would like to prove my worth next season, which will be a very important season for me. I'll use the first few months to adapt and I hope that little by little I will be able to reach my goals. I'm already happy now, but I'm always looking to improve. That is one of the most important things, to always keep striving to be the best footballer I can be, and hopefully one day I can reach my goal and play for the first team.

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