Institutional celebration for Villarreal Women's promotion

27 / 04 / 2021

The Yellows will make an offring to Sant Pasqual and had receptions with Castellón Council and Vila-real Town Council

More than deserved recognition. Villarreal Women, will celebrate their historic promotion to the top fight with a series of events this Thursday. They will leave the Training Ground (Ciudad Deportiva) before being received at Castellón Council at 10:30am CEST by its president José Pascual Martí, and sports councillor Tania Baños.

The Yellows will then return to Vila-real for to be recognised by Vila-real Town Council in the 'Gran Casino'. They will be welcomed by Vila-real mayor José Benlloch and sports councillor Javier Serralvo. 

Villarreal Women will then head to the Sant Pasqual Basilica to make an offering to one of the patron saints of Vila-real.

The plan for the day is as follows:

  • 10am CEST: Depature from Training Ground.
  • 10:30am CEST: Reception at Castellón Council.
  • 11:30am CEST: Reception at 'Gran Casino' in Vila-real.
  • 12pm CEST: Offering to Sant Pasqual.

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